Monday, October 26, 2015

Going batty at BBTB2

We are going batty this week at BBTB2! The DT members were asked to incorporate a bit into their projects this week.

I used the chocolate box from the Fancy Boxes image set, and the bat from Creepy Critters to create this box. I ungrouped the two layers of the bat and deleted the back layer. Then I temporarily ungrouped the score lines from the box base so I could weld the bat to the front of opening in the box. I replaced the score lines and reattached them after I finished welding. It was a fairly simple process and it turned out pretty cute. You could use it as a treat holder, or as a tealight holder (battery operated only, please) as I did.

Here it is in the dark. I put vellum in behind the bat so the light would shine through.

It is fairly deep so you could get lots of treats inside. My version is almost 8" tall but you can adjust that to meet your needs. Here is the link to the Design Space file if anyone would like to try one.

Go batty with us this week and create your own project with a bat!


  1. Cute batty box! I love how you can put a light inside. It looks so fabulous either with the light or without. Thanks so much for the link!

  2. This is most wonderful Lynn!!! Love how you welded the bat to the box! Looks great with the light shining through the vellum!!!! :)

  3. What a great Chocolate box/luminary! I love how this great batty box can do double duty as a decoration AND gift container!! Do you need my mailing address??? :) Great job, Lynn!!

  4. What a great idea for a candy box for trick and treaters, that is if you don't have a hundred trick or treaters. Great idea for a Halloween Party.

  5. you are so creative. Love the idea of luminaries for Halloween. I'm going to download your file. Velum is a great idea too for letting the light shine through. Just Batty!!!


  6. Cool cool cool! Very creative and fun!