Monday, October 10, 2016

Alaska - Skagway

It's been a while since I did an Alaska post. School has been really busy this year and it has fallen by the wayside. Since we are out for 2 more days, thank you hurricane Matthew (sarcasm), I decided to take a few minutes and do at least one more (if the internet cooperates). 

It was interesting to look out the window the morning we arrived in Skagway and see this.

It was fun to start reading them after getting over the surprise. They are scattered on the mountainside all the way to town. Some people had addendums to their originals several years later.

The walkway to town

Information signs

We all kind of did our own things that day. Marty, Val, Fran and I made our way to town mid morning and walked around for a while. 

The snow is very deceptive, it was really warm that day. It was actually the warmest day of the trip. It was 80+ degrees and the kids who were working in town were very vocal about it. Most of the stores don't have air conditioning because it's not needed most of the time. They made the kids wear long pants to work anyway and they were not happy about it. I don't blame them, it would have been miserable when you're not used it!


Salmon hatchery
We met some very knowledgeable young men (ages 9-12 ish) on the way to town and they filled us in on the large round metal thing in the middle of the water. They informed us that it was a salmon hatchery that wasn't being used because there happened to be an over abundance of fish and they needed it.

Lots of driftwood

Marty and Fran in downtown

All types of buildings


Beautiful views
Shopping and totem poles

Close to the mountain


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