Saturday, December 8, 2012

Give away - maybe...

 I think I'm going to do a little give-away once I hit 100 followers. I've been sitting at just under for several months now and would like to hit that 100 mark before the new year. I've never really cared how many people follow me, but it's so close it would be nice to get there. Leave a comment on this post and follow me if you don't already. Once I hit 100 I'll do a drawing from the comments. It may take more than one post to get there so I'll count comments made on any post from today 12/8/12 until I hit 100. I'm not sure what I'm giving away, maybe some stamps, trims or other goodies (it will be a surprise).

If you don't want to follow, that's cool too. Like I said, I'm not in this for the followers I'm just glad you stopped in!


  1. I am sure you will get their, I am already follower!!!

    Have a gr8t day!

    mzcherub at gmail dot com

  2. How exciting to be near 100 followers! Good luck, and I hope you reach your goal soon!