Thursday, September 27, 2012

Toy ;) and announcement :)

Ok, I succumbed to peer pressure and bought the new Inkadinkado Stamping Gear. I just got the introductory kit to see if I liked it. I will admit it was pretty fun to use! I did have a little issue as the stamps I wanted to use were polymer and they aren't thick enough to get a good, flat stamp. I did manage to come up with a solution that worked pretty well. I don't have any of the stamp cling mount that people use on the back of rubber stamps, but I do have...wait for it....foam tape! It worked like a charm. I put the polymer stamp on the tape (a couple of pieces) and then cut around the stamp. When I took the paper off the back I touched it several times to reduce the stickiness. I was able to make the circle with very little problem after that. The lighter ones are a second generation stamp and the stamp is flipped over. Of course the stamps are from the K Andrew Designs Coffee Time! images set and the tag along set. Did I mention I just made her design team? I'm so excited!! The ink is brown Momento. It's not very exciting, but it would be a good guy card. Have a great evening!

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