Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bab's Babes - part 2

Day two was kind of a wash for me. It was our first day at sea and I got sea-sick. The day started pretty well but took a bad turn mid morning (apparently for quite a few people besides me, according to the captain). I did get a few pictures but spent most of the day in bed. Should have put my sea bands on a bit earlier I guess.

The third day we docked in Ketchikan early in the morning. Several of us had tickets to a lumberjack show which turned out to be pretty fun. The weather was great so nobody froze, another plus.

View from ship
Town Map

Lumberjack show
Splitting logs

High cutting

It's a rabbit
When he finished the "rabbit" (see the face), he turned it over and cut some more and it ended up being a little stool they gave to a little boy in the audience.

After the show we headed out to explore the town. Several of us stayed together for a bit then split up and we did our own things.

Totems at the end of a walkway

There are many, many totems and totem poles in Alaska (in case you weren't aware). There are newer ones and some really cool older ones. Size range is impressive as well. This is one of the first we encountered on our walk around the town.

 The flowers were blooming everywhere we went. Be prepared for many more flower pictures.

Gorgeous flowers
 I ventured into a small museum they had in town and here are a couple of the exhibits.
Newer totem poles
Part of a very old totem pole
For some reason this picture reminded me of our little group

Statue on the dock
We weren't there very long and were back on board sailing for dinner. It was a great first day off the ship!


  1. Of course the chorusline reminds you of our little group, it looks just like us -- cute as can be!

  2. It was a cool day! Fran and Marty went snorkeling! We donned full wet suits and braved the 55 degree water to explore the rich bounty in the Alaska water! There sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars (about 5 kinds), anemones, crabs, fish, clams, mussels, and so much stuff. There was not time enough to see it all. It was amazing and outstanding!