Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall colors at BBTB2

This week at BBTB2 Emily asked us to design something with fall colors. I made this cute Tussy Mussy type container from the 3D Party Cones image set. I really like the scallops on the top.

The pine cone is from the Camp Out cartridge. There are pine cones on each of the larger sides so it can rotate if it's hung up and look nice from all directions. I'm not sure if I'm going to put string on it and hang it up, or just leave it flat like a cornucopia. I think it may depend on what's going in it. 

Sorry this is a quick post, but I've been baby showering all weekend. Maybe I'll get some pictures up of that later.


  1. I love this pretty pinecone. It is such a beautiful cut. This cone will look so pretty on your Thanksgiving table.

  2. Great project Lynn!! Love the colors and that great pinecone!!!! :)

  3. it's almost vintage!! what a great idea. I see it full of popcorn, while watching an outdoor fire!!! so pretty.


  4. This is so pretty-I see it full of popcorn or nuts….yummy! Love the pinecone!